Intellectual Property / Trade Secrets

  • We successfully prosecuted trademark infringement claims against a number of defendants who were engaged in “gray-marketing” activities consisting of unauthorized sales of telecommunications equipment that bore the trade name of a large manufacturer of information systems and computers. Based on the results of our nationwide investigation to obtain evidence of the illegal sales activities, we obtained a preliminary injunction that brought a halt to the gray-marketing activities.
  • We defended a large manufacturing company against trade secrets misappropriation claims and fraud claims. We obtained summary judgment on the fraud claims asserted against our client and later proved through discovery and investigation that the technology at issue was known to our client prior to having any exposure to the plaintiff’s technology. This enabled the client to obtain a settlement equal to the cost of defense had the case proceeded to trial.
  • One of our partners represented a private equity fund in an arbitration proceeding and several related state and federal court actions against one of its portfolio companies. The portfolio company alleged misappropriation of trade secrets and breach of fiduciary duty arising from the client’s investment in an allegedly competing company. After the client won several key litigation victories, the arbitration and related court proceedings settled on favorable terms.